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Earth Animal's journey began in 1979, we have been dedicated to helping thousands of dog and cat parents achieve their animals' health and healing objectives.

Born from 40 years of research by integrative veterinarian Dr. Bob, Susan and Merritt Goldstein, Earth Animal provides natural alternatives that really work for your pet. 

Earth Animal has helped to heal thousands of dogs and cats using the highest quality supplement protocols.  Cat and dog supplements can help maintain excellent health throughout each stage of life. 

Pet Products

  • Herbal Remedies for Cats and Dogs:  Aches & Discomfort, Allergy & Skin, Calm Down, Cough Wheeze & Sneeze, Clean Mouth Gums & Breath, Emotional Balance.  
  • Herbal Flea & Tick Protection.
  • Zen-Pen full-spectrum hemp oil with CBD in a transdermal applicator.


  • Earth Animals Dog Chews: No-Hide Dog Chews

Come visit our animal feed & supply store in Waterloo, IA specializing in quality food and supplies for all animals.